The Mayfair subdivision is one of the oldest in Saskatoon outside of the original three settlements of Nutana, Saskatoon and Riversdale. Part of the land originally granted to the Temperance Colonization Society in 1882, it was in private hands by the time Saskatoon was incorporated as a City in 1906 and was first identified on a map of Saskatoon in 1907, during the height of the city’s first real estate boom.

33rd Street in Saskatoon

The first lots were sold that year and the first houses began to be built, primarily along 33rd Street. By 1909 there were nearly 60 houses in Mayfair – at that time still outside of city limits –  with a population estimated at around 350. On April 20, 1911, the City expanded, annexing land  to the north as far as 38th St. Mayfair was finally “in”.

Right now Mayfair finds itself benefiting from the economic boom Saskatoon is experiencing.  It is within walking distance of downtown, the Riversdale Business Improvement District, and is surrounded by parks, amenities, and attractions.  Despite being close to it all, it remains one of the city’s more affordable neighborhoods.

As you would expect with an established neighborhood, the housing stock is roughly seventy-five percent single-family detached houses. The remaining portion consists of detached duplexes, and a handful of semi-detached homes and apartments.  By 1914, 843 people called Mayfair home. Development was steady after the First World War but  really took off in the period 1946-1960 when more than one-third of the houses presently  standing were built. House construction tapered off slightly through the 1960s (23%) and 1970s  (12%). Houses built since 1980 account for less than 5% of the total housing in Mayfair.  Recently that number is growing as a number of new houses have come in the neighborhood to experience it’s revitalization.


Mayfair Community School is the only elementary school in the area providing instruction to children using the public school system.  Across Idylwyld Drive in neighboring Kelsey-Woodlawn, there is St. Michael’s School for those that are looking for a Catholic elementary school to send their children to.  Neighboring Caswell Community School is one of Saskatoon’s two academically talented programs while in Hudson Bay Park, students can enroll in Ecole Henry Kelsey‘s French immersion program.  Right across Idylwyld Drive is the Kelsey Campus of SIAST which provides a wide variety of technical and trades courses for thousands of students.

Mayfair Community School in Saskatoon

Parks and Recreation

Mayfair has surrounds A.H. Browne Park. It offers baseball, basketball and soccer facilities spread over approximately five acres. Additionally there are playgrounds, walking paths, and a paddling pool with a water spray park.

The park at Mayfair Community School offers and additional baseball diamond, soccer fields, and playgrounds for children to play on.

A.H. Browne Park

Shopping and Services

Safeway on 33rd Street

Mayfair is bordered by Idylwyld Drive and 33rd Street, two vibrant business corridors which means there are a wide variety of restaurants, parks, shops and services within walking distance of your home.  No matter what time of year it is, there is always something to do or see when you call Mayfair home.

Saskatoon Shines!